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We aim to provide you with all the advice you could possibly need when setting up a new company. We’ve therefore come up with Startup 360º, a range of services designed specifically for newly created – or about-to-be-created - tech-based startups.

Startup 360º means we accompany you through each phase of the creation and development process of your business. This includes advice prior to the creation of your company, plus protection of intellectual property, compliance with regulations (eg. data and consumer protection), fundraising, negotiation of shareholder agreements, advice on entering markets outside Spain and, if necessary, assistance in selling the company.


Did you know?

Lexing Spain has successfully assisted technology-based and internet-oriented companies in their internationalisation process in France, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Chile.


A service specifically designed for new businesses that we’ve called Startup 360º.

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Our main goal is to cover all advice needs for a startup since the emergence of the idea to its realization in the form of business project. Therefore, we offer an advise covering the following services:

Our aim is to provide advice to startups in any area of business creation, from the initial idea to the setting up of the company. We offer assistance in the following areas:

Business Consulting:

• Business advice: helping to develop the business idea, business plan, branding, design and analysis of economic and financial assessments

• Research of investment opportunities and definition of financing structure, including advice on funding rounds with family offices, venture capital management companies, national and international business angels, institutional investors and equity crowdfunding • Marketing strategies, communication and online advertising

• Identifying and selecting grants and subsidies for your business

Technology Consulting:

• Defining the IT infrastructure needed for your business and selecting a partner or technology provider

• Website design

• Development of Apps

• Technology measures to protect your intellectual property

• Funding for computer equipment

Legal Counsel:

• Incorporation of the company (bylaws, notary, registering of the commercial entity, administrative formalities with fiscal and employment authorities)

• Search for and negotiation with investors

• Development of partner agreements

• Mergers and acquisitions

• Commercial contracts and joint ventures

• Protection of intellectual property

• Stock options plans and other employee incentives

• Legal adaptation of your website and processing of personal data and cookies

• Employment and tax issues (national and international) related to the business

• Defence in court, arbitration and mediation in the event of conflict

• Debt collection

For each of our three areas of advice – business, technological and legal – we provide flexible quotes tailored to the specific needs of each project and budget. For a free quote, please send an email to

Lexing will always be your primary contact and will coordinate the work of our professional service providers.

Business Consulting

We can help you build your business strategy and achieve your goals, whatever the stage of your business or the sector you want to work in.

Our highly qualified consultants provide the following services:

• Analysis of potential new markets and internationalization
• Restructuring of the company or business areas
• Implementation of new business lines
• Search for partners
• Preparation of dossiers for sale
• Participation as member of Boards of Directors 
• Identifying opportunities and diversification
• Review of corporate governance
• Analysis and cost reduction
• Implementation and monitoring of budgets
• Improved operational management
• Improved financial management
• Interim management
• Restructuring and refinancing plans


Para los empresarios y equipos que deseen un acompañamiento desde la observación para una mejora evidente en su actitud y procesos internos. Nuestra oferta de Coaching consiste en:

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Coaching Ejecutivo.- Palanca para conseguir un estilo propio de desarrollo profesional. Desarrollo de habilidades directivas como:

·      Gestión del estrés y del tiempo
·      Habilidades de comunicación y liderazgo
·      Modos de dar feedback
·      Mejora de la eficiencia
·      Eficacia
·      Relaciones profesionales
Coaching de Equipos.- Desarrollo de equipos de alto rendimiento en el terreno empresarial y profesional. Acompañamiento en:
·      la identificación del objetivo real de la existencia del equipo
·      crear unas bases de confianza entre todos sus miembros
·      adquirir un compromiso de equipo
·      definir unas reglas de juego en las que el equipo decide basar su dinámica.
Coaching Personal.- Palanca de crecimiento personal acompañando a las personas que desean ser una mejor versión de sí mismos a definir su meta y a trazar el camino para conseguirla. Desafío, descubrimiento, evolución. Aplicable al terreno personal y profesional. A modo de ejemplo:
·      Toma de decisiones
·      Re-orientación profesional
·      Acompañamiento en un plan de acción
·      Salida de un bucle personal
·      Mejora de la autoestima