Lexing Spain: business, technology and legal consulting


Lexing Spain is a professional services firm, based in Barcelona, which combines business and technology consulting with business-related legal services.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience - and extensive network of professionals – we provide services of high added value both for startups and established businesses, both within Spain and internationally.

An international dimension

Lexing Spain is part of Lexing, the first international network of lawyers specialised in advanced technology law. We are therefore well placed to meet the needs of our international clients, or clients with international needs. Each member of the Lexing network offers their international clients the same high-quality services they can expect to receive locally. The Lexing network currently comprises 22 law firms based in 25 countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Lexing also benefits from cooperation agreements with other generalist law firms worldwide.

Our international dimension, combined with our global vision of running a business is reflected in our slogan, “Spanning the World”.

Lexing Spain’s two partners, Marc Gallardo and Salvador Gómez, each have more than 18 years experience in their specialist legal areas.

Our team of professionals has a wide range of experience in other fields of business consultancy and law, covering issues that include corporate, tax and employment. We also have access to additional human resources and experienced teams in Spain, ready and able to partner with us whenever necessary.

Expert advice, whatever the size or scope of your company


We provide expert advice to both established companies and start-ups, to large corporations and small firms - at national or international level.

The advice we offer covers standard areas of law practice; we deliver it through a comprehensive approach in sectors that operate within a specific economic and legal context, such as telecoms, biotech and technology companies.

Any advice we give always has a clear business focus, and we guarantee an efficient and cost-effective service, whether the assistance you need is straightforward - or part of a more extensive and complex project.

Contact us for an initial free consultation

The first consultation is free and we offer a fixed fee service. At the first meeting we provide you with a framework and strategy for addressing key issues in your business.

Our assistance is not limited to law issues, but also includes how to run a business - and best protect it.

We provide advice in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Italian.

Why Lexing


At Lexing Spain, we can assist you on a wide range of business and legal matters. Our consultancy provides you with stable, ongoing support both in Spain and internationally, with each task managed by one of our specialist partners.

We pride ourselves on being proactive and finding practical solutions to complex issues – at a reasonable price.