Legal Area



We advise on all relevant facts of a company, either as secretaries of the Boards of Directors of all types of corporations and legal advisers. This area of ​​practice includes the services of incorporating all types of companies, modification of bylaws, shareholders agreements and advice on legal forms of new business projects and all types of corporate restructuring and legal assistance in business crisis situations ....


Our services include:

• Formation of companies.

• Shareholders agreements.

• Legal advice on all relevant facts of the company.

• Assuming the position of Secretary of the board.

• Mergers and acquisitions.

• Private equity and venture capital.

• Restructuring and insolvency.



We prepare, review and negotiate contracts for all areas of commercial activity. These can be with customers, suppliers or cover other types of commercial cooperation for the promotion and/or sale of all types of goods and services.

Commercial contracts we usually work with are:

• General Conditions of Sale (including terms for online sales).
• Commercial partnership contracts: agency, distribution, jointventure, franchise.
• Supply contracts.
• Purchase agreements.
• Contracts for the provision of services.
• Loan agreements.
• Contract with partners.
• Interconnection Agreements (telecommunications).
• Use of software licenses (owner, open-source).
• Transactional agreements.
• Confidentiality agreements.
• Data protection agreements (transfer data processor and international data transfers).

Technology, Telecommunications and Internet


We have a mixed team (lawyers and consultants specializing in technology, telecommunications and the internet) that offers comprehensive advice on all aspects relating to the protection of intangible assets and advanced technologies.

Services include the registration of trademarks, trade names, patents, utility models, designs, domain names among other intangible property that can be legally protected. We also assist our clients in the defense of these assets and their recovery in the event of unauthorized use by third parties, before competent administrative bodies or the courts.

Our advanced technologies extends to any legal aspect of telecommunications, e-commerce and business on the Internet. We have extensive experience in advising SME 's and business groups on data protection compliance, with the collaboration of the Lexing network for all transnational aspects of these projects.

In particular , we offer legal advice in the following areas:

• Registration and defense of intellectual property of the company: Domain Names , Trademarks, Trade Names, Artistic works, literary, scientific or multimedia creations.
• Legal adaptation of the company's website and / or mobile applications to regulations that are enforceable through the development and / or revision of relevant legal notices.
• Advice on preparation or revision of general terms that apply to the sale of the company's products or services on the Internet, through a website (sponsorship, affiliation, branding or other marketing online) .
• Legal advice on the setup and execution of all types of commercial or electronic advertising (web, emailing , faxmailing and SMS / MMS) .
• Advice on preparing information technology contracts ( website development , hosting, housing , databases , software, information security , telecommunications , cloud computing) .
• Advice on matters relating to intellectual property rights of content posted on the Internet.
• Legal remedies to protect the company against acts of defamation, denigration or denigration that may take place in the online environment.
• Legal advice on projects involving electronic signature, electronic billing and scanning documents.
• Legal advice on cloud computing projects.
• Defence of clients before administrative bodies and courts.


Data Protection


We provide ongoing assistance in adapting and monitoring compliance with the Spanish Data Protection Act, and implement regulations on the processing of personal data carried out by online and offline businesses, either as data controller or data processor.


Our team of legal and technical experts can provide specialist assistance in:

• Projects related to data protection law (Spanish and multinational companies in Spain and abroad or vice versa).
• Biannual Audits on data protection.
• Drafting and reviewing privacy policies.
• Design and development of privacy management programs.
• Outsourcing services as DOP (Data Privacy Officer).
• Development of confidentiality agreements and protection of personal data.



We advise companies and employees on any aspect of labour law and social security, from recruitment to termination of employment, in both contentious and non-contentious situations. We also defend the interests of our clients before labour inspections and the courts.


  • Recruitment.
  • Termination of contracts.
  • Payroll management.
  • Occupational health and safety.
  • Work inspections.



At Lexing we have a network of economists and lawyers who specialise in providing tax advice on all areas of the company, as well as giving advice to individuals.

We also offer tax planning for companies and individuals - national and international - aimed at reducing the tax burden by utilising the advantages and tax benefits in legislation. Our tax advice also covers corporate activity and recruitment, and any business-related situation with tax relevance, such as mergers, acquisitions and company reorganisation.


  • General taxation
  • Tax due diligence
  • international Taxation
  • Direct taxation
  • Indirect taxation
  • Local Taxation
  • Related party transactions
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax procedures




We work with highly specialised lawyers with extensive experience in economic and corporate crime against intellectual property.

The key to avoiding any type of crime is prevention. With our customers’ needs in mind, we are proactive in anticipating and identifying problems with possible criminal dimensions so as to prevent, if possible, the initiation of judicial proceedings. If necessary, we call on professionals from other practice areas to deal with cases through a multidisciplinary approach - often the key to resolving the conflict quickly and effectively.

• Criminal preventives audits.
• Economic crimes.
• Cybercrime.
• Crimes against intellectual property.

Disputes Resolution


If conflict is unavoidable, we handle any type of litigation before the courts (civil, commercial, criminal, employment and administrative), in all instances, including the filing of appeals and upper. We also represent our clients before arbitration bodies, both national and international, and take part in civil and commercial mediation. Our team includes experienced arbitrators and mediators.


We take in charge the representation of cases in the following scenarios:

• Negotiations.
• Defense before Courts (all jurisdictions).
• Defence in disciplinary procedures followed by the administration: Spanish Agency for Data Protection, Commission of Telecommunications Market, etc..
• Arbitration, national and international (including dispute resolution systems for Internet domain names).
• Civil and Commercial mediation.